Company Services

Globally companies are looking at core competencies with economies of scale and are questioning what gives them competitive advantage. TIA Industries㴲ength lies in the fact that it presents a complete infrastructure for handling independent quality checking to customize the special needs, banking of transaction, after sell services, communicating, warehousing, and more as follows:

Global Access

TIA Industries provides a platform to Chinese manufacturing, to access the global economies.  We also provide low cost, high quality Chinese OEM manufacturing to North American companies, to optimize your economies of scale, building a strong vendor base.

Dedicated Resources

With the changing business climate and volatile market dynamics TIA Industries embraces new concepts such as JIT (Just In Time), JIS (Just In Sequence), BTO (Build To Order) and OTD (Order To Delivery) for optimization of TIA Industries supply chain solutions.

Communication-Proactive Responses

Communication is Linchpin of International Business and thus we have built a reliable communication network for our customers. TIA Industries team is always proactive in addressing our concerns on costs, quality and deliveries, no matter what the magnitude of the problem is; integrated solutions are worked out with collective brain storming sessions in synergy with the demands of our customers.

Supply Chain Management 튉 Continuous Replenishment

Tecford America is primarily a customer-oriented group offering One Stop Shop Concept, thereby looking into providing cost effective service and feasible solutions for the entire gamut of International Purchasing & Supply Chain Management. We evaluate and work with our customers through movement of the products, movement of information, service, time, cost, and integration,


Warehousing is critical for effective service. In our Cleveland Ohio warehouses, we have a professional management team to maintain effective and efficient inventory flow to our customers.

Transportation, Distribution & Storage Analysis

As part of our total commitment to render complete logistics solutions, we are able to provide our advice on all aspects of warehousing, distribution and storage.  We work with clients to review the costs of their transportation and to find possible alternatives to reduce costs and to improve service.

Cycle Time Control

Time is critical to manage inventories and to respond to customer demands. We will identify the activity duration estimating required from customers㥮ding orders right through to order delivery, iterate the schedule development, and measure and report schedule performance to provide a basis of schedule control. 

Cost Deduction

We help our customers餥ntify 큒T賰ecific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed) goals, a realistic plan for achieving them and implement the plan by our ongoing integrated commitment of our excellent professionals.